Agri.Api.Bio - Organic Creams and Preserves

Agri.Api.Bio. s.r.l. is a family-run organic farm managed by Fernanda and her husband, who have been working with love, passion, and tradition for years in the organic/agri-food sector, in the Cassino area (FR).

In the years, the small company has grown and is certified Organic.

The Agricultural Company selects the best vegetables grown in the magnificent Valle del Liri, carefully following all the processing phases to subsequently transform them into over 20 products including preserves, pickles, and spreadable creams, ideal for seasoning appetizers, canapés, bruschettas, eggs, meats, salads, etc.

All genuine products, strictly artisanal and healthy, excellent for seasoning pasta and rice and to add a touch of creativity to sauces and gravies.