Evergreen is a company with over fifty years of experience, dedicated to the cultivation, production, and sale ofSicilian pistachios from Bronte D.O.Ptranslate .

In the Seventies, the baton is passed from father Nunzio to his son Pietro, who grew up among the pistachio groves. Pietro decides to carry on the family farm, integrating the expertise of traditional craftsmanship with the control of production processes to obtain a product of the highest quality.

Thanks to periodic soil sampling, laboratory analysis, and the selection of the best fruits, the customer is sure to find themselves in front of a unique and unrepeatable product, of certified and traceable origin, a symbol of Sicilian tradition in Italy and around the world. Evergreen's corporate policy is based on three key concepts: Quality, Origin, Hygiene.

By purchasing renewable sources that provide clean energy and are able to cover most of the energy needs required by production, we add to the guarantee of a quality product the attention to environmental sustainability.

Manufacturers healthy, genuine products.