Raw cacao

Born in 2013 just a stone's throw from Rome, Cacao Crudo is the first company in Italy to produce authentic cocoa.

She is the daughter of Daniele's project, an anthropologist, researcher, and passionate traveler, with a weakness for biodiversity.

Daniele marries the cause of food health without giving up the exaltation of taste buds.

Caco Crudo chooses as raw material theCriollo single-origin cocoafrom the Amazon forest region of Peru.

The choice of the Criollo variety (Theobroma Cacao), the most prized in the world (representing less than 1% of global cocoa production!), is already promising: the raw material, of certified organic origin, speaks for itself. But there's more.

The term "raw" cocoa refers to cocoa that is processed using artisanal methods in order to preserve its nutritional integrity and organoleptic characteristics.

This means that cocoa is not subjected to roasting but is left to ferment at a temperature below 45°C, a threshold beyond which the food loses its nutritional properties.

Cacao Crudo has adopted a specific ethical code in the name of transparency and food sustainability, allowing the consumer to know what they are eating:

• cocoa is processed byFermentation and dryingThe product is processed at low temperatures to preserve its nutritional and organoleptic properties; it does not contain refined sugars, additives, artificial flavors, soy lecithin, gluten, palm oil, refined vegetable fats, and is not treated with potassium carbonate;

• theThe production chain is reducedThanks to the direct relationship of the company with producers (small and medium farmers), based on mutual respect and trust;

The production methods used have aVery low environmental impactSole, wind, and water, coconut sugar/nectar instead of cane sugar, for a more sustainable cultivation;

• 100% bio-compostable packaging.

Search, innovation, sustainability represent the triad of this small, admirable reality.