Cantina Chiacchiera - Montepulciano - Tuscany

Cantina Chiacchiera, founded in 2010 by the family of Emanuela Mancianti, stands in the hills of Montepulciano in the locality of Cervognano, areas historically suited to the production of wine and oil.

The total area of the estate extends for about 10 hectares in the gentle slopes that go from Acquaviva to the Church of the Madonna della Querce and the choice of the type of crop in the various plots has been carefully studied in order to obtain the best quality and genuineness of the products.

Mrs. Emanuela personally and with maternal care follows all the phases of agricultural and wine processing without neglecting anything and this is demonstrated by the fact that only after 7 years of activity, and upon reaching the productive maturity of the various crops, she decided to proceed with packaging of products entering the retail market.

In the Cellar you can find a cozy tasting room inserted in the aging room, where you can taste the products of excellence with absolute tranquility.

The name"CHIACCHIERA", just to underline the family management of the business, was chosen as one of the initiators and to be precise the father of Emanuela, Mario, had this nickname because with his speech he managed to enchant all the guests present. , a bit like what a good glass of wine should do.

The Chiacchiera winery and its conductors Emanuela, Donato, Viola, Matilde and Vera are waiting for you every day to personally guide you in a world of healthy and genuine goodness of wine oil.