Frisona Farm

"La Fattoria"La Frisona"was born in 1934 when grandfather Antonio Colagiacomo and grandmother Emma began to breed Friesian cattle for the production of milk which was then placed in jugs and transported with the vignarola (typical cart of the time).

The milk produced was transformed into cheese and ricotta and sold in neighboring countries.

In the 60s the grandparents with the help of their two sons, now adolescents, bought the first land on which they built a house and the first real masonry barn that could house the animals in fixed housing in n. of 40 seats. In the 1970s, when milk could still be sold"raw"and unpasteurized, the two brothers decided to open a dairy in the town.

With the introduction of the ban on the sale of raw milk, the dairy later turned into a bar, while they continued to expand the cattle breeding business. Over the years, while working, the passion for these docile animals has grown more and more and has also pushed the grandchildren to expand their knowledge and activity.

Today, in its third generation, Fattoria la Frisona returns to sell high quality milk directly to the consumer having integrated the farm with a pasteurization and bottling plant, thus closing the milk supply chain.

To feed the animals on our farm, we cultivate annual and multi-annual cultivars, in rotation. The annual cultivars have an autumn-winter cycle and include mixed meadows of clover, oats, ryegrass, vetch, broad bean, for the production of hay and silage, which bring useful fibers to the polygastric system of our cattle and cereals (wheat, triticale, barley ) for the production of grain which, when ground into flour, becomes one of the main components together with the hays of the Unifeed wagon.

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