Occhiodoro farm - Chickens and eggs


A family business linked to tradition

The Occhiodoro farm, located in the green Ciociaria countryside at the foot of the Lepini Mountains, is surrounded by 25 hectares of pastures, orchards and olive groves where chickens can roam freely.

The company, founded in the early 1960s, was born as a hatchery and as a production site for hatching eggs. Over the years it has specialized in the farming of rural chickens, until today it is able to market an innovative product in the slaughtered chicken sector while maintaining the tradition of the rural Ciociaria chicken intact.

The peculiarities of the Occhiodoro free-range chicken reside in numerous factors such as:

Breed selection : We carefully select only bare-necked chickens with very thin skin and a firm, fat-free meat texture.o.

Farm : we pay particular attention to the breeding of our chickens that grow free in large spaces and in healthy environments, with the absolute exclusion of antibiotic treatments or other substances of a chemical nature.

Diet : following the nutrition of our animals since birth, we are able to guarantee the exclusive use of natural substances such as corn, barley, wheat, soy (no GMO!), mineral salts and vitamins of natural origin.

In the weaning phase, we move on to a feeding with steamed cereal flakes, in such a way as to guarantee the complete absence of mycotoxins and / or aflatoxins, molds that alter the genuineness of the cereals, thus guaranteeing a high protein content, greater digestibility of the food and a superior quality of the meat.e.

Slaughtering : all stages of slaughtering take place in our company abattoir and are carried out strictly by hand according to true tradition. The complete absence of mechanical means also ensures that the organoleptic properties of the meat are not altered.

Giving birth to chicks, raising chickens, preparing their food and slaughtering them in our facilities allows us to guarantee total control of the quality and healthiness of the product at all stages of its preparation.


“From the values obtained, both as regards the chemical and biological analyzes, carried out on the samples of poultry meat and eggs, collected at the Occhiodoro di Sgurgola company, I declare that, as can be seen from the individual reports attached, all the samples collected are results free from traces of heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides and anabolics harmful to human nutrition and free from β-hexachlorocyclohexane (β-CHC) and fipronil.

Prof. Simone Beninati Head of Cytology, Histology and Experimental Oncology University of Rome Tor Vergata.a”.