Azienda agricola nero peligno

2 Artisanal Wurstel from pigs from wild breeding

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1 packs with 2 artisanal pure pork frankfurters (about 300 gr)

Ingredients:Pure pork, salt, sugar, natural flavors:aromatic preparations of vegetable origin. Without any kind of added preservative.

The animals come from breeding in the wild and feed mainly on berries, acorns, chestnuts, mushrooms, tubers . The frankfurters are handcrafted with pure pork and in natural casing.

Unlike industrial sausages made with mechanically separated meat or with the shredding of carcasses and cartilage through a special meat grinder from which a pink mush resulting from pressing comes out.

STORAGE:The frankfurters are vacuum packed and can be eaten even after many weeks, maintaining freshness and authenticity:try to believe. 

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