Azienda agricola nero peligno

2 Artisanal Wurstel from pigs from wild breeding

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1 pack with 2 artisanal pure pork sausages (approximately 300 gr)

IngredientsPure pork meat, salt, sugar, natural flavors. Without any added preservatives.

Animals come fromFree-range breedingThey mainly feed on berries, acorns, chestnuts, mushrooms, and tubers.The sausages are handmade using pure pork meat and natural casing.

Unlike industrial sausages made with mechanically separated meat, which involves grinding carcasses and cartilages through a special meat grinder, resulting in a pink paste from pressing.

The sausages are vacuum-packed and can be consumedEven after many weeks, maintaining freshness and genuineness: tryHelloto believe. 

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