Cerqueto, antichi legumi della Tuscia

Pearl spelled - 500 g

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Pearl spelled in packs of 500 gr

Spelled is grown in the traditional way with water and sun, in the territory of Tuscia, the ancient Etruria, that is the territory that includes a large area ranging from Tuscany, Umbria to the northern part of Lazio.

It may contain traces of cereals containing gluten (spelled, barley, wheat), soy and lupins.


Nutritional information (average values per 100 g of product):

energy value:1477 kj/353 kcal

fats 1.06 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 g

carbohydrates 60.0 g, of which total sugars 2.0 g

protein 25.8 g

salt 0.01 g

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