EVO oil and Flaminio D'Urso olives

The Flaminio D'Urso Farm is located on the hills in the Municipality of Itri, in the locality of Cologna, in the heart of the Monti Aurunci Natural Park.

The farm was founded in the 70s with an olive production address and extends for 20,000 square meters. with about 700 olive trees of the"Itrana"variety, an indigenous cultivar that characterizes the territory of Itri.

Here the Itrana grows, a particularly strong and vigorous plant, capable of resisting the cold, but also the drought of the Pontine summers, giving truly exceptional results, thanks to the sea breeze that is blown by the winds of the sea and reaches the Itrani hills.

Over the centuries, Itrana has been appreciated above all as a table variety, thanks to the exquisite olives in brine still today made with a traditional"natural"process starting from the olives harvested both prematurely"November-December"and when fully ripened rather late"March-April".

In this territory of lower Lazio, a land of great olive-growing tradition, the Flaminio D'Urso company transforms the precious variety of Itrana olives into:Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive creams, table olives in brine and the famous"olives of Gaeta".

The manual harvest and the craftsmanship called"all'itrana", due to the fact that it derives from Itri, home of Fra Diavolo, allow this product to retain all its freshness and its elegant aromatic sensations. Once harvested, the olives are selected taking care to discard those that are malformed, broken or damaged.

The selected olives remain for about a month in fresh water before being transferred to a low-dose brine for another five months.