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ThereMission of Healthy and Genuine Foods - More than Organic is to help artisanal and sustainable companies that protect Biodiversity, and at the same time, allow people to eat genuine products, made in compliance with the natural life cycle of plants and animals.

Producers to be admitted to Healthy and Genuine Foods - More than Bio  they must comply with the strict indications of the specification ( The specification ). In the absence of one or more elements provided for by the regulations, the company will not be able to use the services. In fact, genuineness, traceability, sustainability and respect for the biodiversity of the productions are fundamental elements to be admitted to the circuit of Healthy and Genuine Foods - More than Bio.

Only in this way is it possible to guarantee the excellence of the products and allow people to eathealthy, wholesome food made as it once was: few ingredients and ancient processes.

The project was born from the collaboration between the non-profit associationHealthy and Genuine Foods and La Spesa della Nonna srl, "Benefit corporation" whose mission is to createbenefits for the community, people e the environment.

Agri-food products are selected paying attention that there are no chemical food additives, carcinogenic pesticides, hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats, GMOs. They are excluded in generalchemically reproduced or non-naturally occurring foods.

The selected products are made withartisanal methods, respecting the life cycle of plants and animalsand with raw materials averified and verifiable supply chain by the consumer himself.In fact, for each single product, all the information on the farmer, breeder and producer is provided.

It is also possible to learn about the stories of the small farmers, breeders and artisanal producers of Italian food and wine, and to receive healthy and natural foods comfortably at home, far from the logic of industrial and refined foods.


 The disciplinary: how we choose the products



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