Fresco farm

Fresco is an innovative farm in the Sibillini Mountains specializing in the cold pressing of fruit and vegetables from which essential nutrients are extracted.

The company is located in the Sibillini Mountains, in the Umbrian-Marche Apennines, and was born thanks to the cooperation with the best fruit and vegetable growers in the area, with the common aim of creating high quality products and respecting the principles of environmental sustainability. .

The plants from which the extracts are made are grown without chemical additives and are left to mature in full compliance with the natural cycle.


After ripening, the fruit and vegetables are carefully washed and sanitized, without the use of chemicals.

The cleaning process takes place in the traditional way:the peel, seeds and the vegetable part are removed manually.

The extraction takes place cold through a hydraulic press in order not to alter the nutrients and flavor of the product. The extract thus obtained, without the addition of water, preservatives, dyes and sugar, is bottled and labeled.

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