Azienda Agricola Reda Giuseppina - Preserves and fruit juices

The company is made up of several plots of land for a total of about 16 ha, of which 2 are cultivated with berries. Particular attention is paid to them as they have always been recognized as important for the beneficial properties of the substances they contain (important for the structure of blood capillaries, sight, urinary function and to prevent tumors and cardiovascular diseases).

The delicate phase of harvesting is carried out manually in order to check the right stage of ripeness and make a first selection of the products in the field, bringing only those qualitatively suitable fruits to the processing rooms. We use the freshest raw material, collected and transformed throughout the day.

The company produces fruit nectars using artisanal methods, ie fruit juices with a minimum percentage of 55% of fruit, water and 2.5% of sugar per 100 ml; vegetable preserves, from artichokes in oil to grilled aubergines, beets, asparagus in extra virgin olive oil.