Artisanal Bresaola by Luciano Guglielmana

Everything started with my grandfather who, towards the end of the 1800s, with a little savings, built a water mill for the production of cornmeal, and also bought some mountain land to graze the animals during the summer months. During the winter months, my grandfather became known and appreciated for his skill in the art of "mazziglia", that is, the processing of meat for the production of cured meats (salami, sausages, etc.) and, above all, ofSlinzegheandBresaolatranslate .

He had managed to find aperfect balance of salt, pepper, spices, garlic, wine, and some other secret ingredient, strictly natural. With his "touch", that mastery in working with meat, those always precise cuts and infinite patience, he managed to create a product with a unique taste

From a young age, he managed to pass on his passion to me, giving me small tasks to do. As I grew up, my duties became more and more important and without realizing it, by repeating the same things dozens of times, I learned all the tricks to produce a "true" BRESAOLA, one that faithfully reflects the flavors of an ancient processing.

Luciano Guglielmana

The Bresaola di Luciano is made in Valtellina, a region in northern Italy known for its high-quality cured meats.

The small company is located in Samolaco in the province of Sondrio, about twenty kilometers north of Lake Como, in the center of Valchiavenna, a crossroads between Valtellina, Valle Spluga, and Val Bregaglia. It is precisely this strategic position that forms the embrace between the humid breeze that arrives daily from Lake Como (so-called "Breva") and the cooler and drier air that comes from the high peaks of Valle Spluga and Val Bregaglia. This microclimate has become famous worldwide, as it gives our cured meats a particular flavor and excellent quality.


The selection of meat cuts

To make our Artisan Bresaola, we mainly use beef topside, a particularly precious cut suitable for being transformed into this tasty cured meat.

The preparation

The first step we take is to remove all the fat and nerves from the meat, as they could alter its taste and tenderness.


The meat, so clean, is placed in brine (see ingredients) where it is left for several days depending on the size, and it is during this period of time that it is turned and massaged at least twice a day, in order to favor the absorption of all the flavors by the meat.

The aging

After this brining period, the meat is left to mature, and it is from this moment that the "blooming" process begins, a sign of healthy maturation (appearance of good molds, which are very important to maintain moisture, flavor, and nutritional characteristics).

The finished product

After at least two more months of aging, the Handcrafted Bresaola is ready to be enjoyed. Since it is a completely natural and handmade product, at the end of the maturation process it will have a color ranging from white to dark gray.
The Artisanal Bresaola is the leanest cold cut, rich in proteins, iron, and minerals, making it a typical ingredient in weight-loss diets, as a restorative, and an excellent supplement for athletes. Our Artisanal Bresaola, like all our products, is gluten-free, lactose-free, and free from chemical preservatives (nitrites, nitrates, saltpeter, sulfites), so it can be safely enjoyed by both adults and children.