Cerqueto, ancient legumes of Tuscia

The Cerqueto agricultural and agritourism company operates in the field of typical and organic products, in particular it cultivates, selects and packages legumes from Tuscia, always guaranteeing the traceability and quality of raw materials.

Chickpea del Solco Dritto from Valentano, Lentil from Onano, Bean from Purgatory from Gradoli and Spelled from Pungolo from Acquapendente are some of the specialties that are grown and marketed.

Based in Acquapendente and thanks to the direct relationship with local farms, we enhance the traditional products of Tuscia also by helping small local companies producing legumes and cereals and artisan processing workshops.

This is thanks to the plant for the selection, cleaning and packaging of legumes created after years of experience in the sector.

Over time, the range of products has extended to pasta, paté, in oil, jams, honey, vegetable-based preparations, wines and liqueurs, composing a large catalog of delicacies and specialties.

These and other specialties can also be found at the Cibi Sani e Genuini store in Rome, in via Catania 39.