Black pork cold cuts and sausages

The Azienda Agricola Nero Peligno has been dedicated since its inception to the breeding and production of excellent meat from the Abruzzo black pig (Slowfood presidium). A production attentive to ancient techniques and respect for natural and artisanal manufacturing processes.

The animals come from breeding in the wild and semi-wild and feed mainly on berries:acorns, chestnuts, mushrooms, tubers, etc. The constant movement of the pasture allows the meat to oxygenate continuously.
It has a slow weight growth, in fact it takes 16/18 months before proceeding to slaughter, compared to 6/8 months for the pink pig.

Furthermore, the stuffed meats are processed with ancient and simple Italian artisan techniques and are rigorously without added preservatives .

The chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics of the fine Abruzzo black pork give the derived products an exceptional quality and a unique savory taste.