Handmade Apulian taralli

Ours is an almost completely manual production cycle, which involves the exclusive use of high quality products without the addition of leavening agents or preservatives.

Our taralli are made with only Apulian extra virgin olive oil, artisanal techniques, without yeasts and highly digestible. One different from the other.

We come from special places, where few and good taralli are made. The houses of the Apulian housewives, the small neighborhood bakeries. Thirty years of fragrant sunrises, of water and flour, of hot ovens and ancient recipes. There we learned to use the right hands and ingredients, kneading and baking until we were sure that our taralli were worthy of wheat fruit. Since then we have continued to honor the history and goodness of the true Apulian tarallo, preparing only a few quintals a day by hand, with carefully selected Italian raw materials.

A precise choice, out of any compromise or industrial logic, which led us to bakeries and other small and large realms of gourmet food. Because the fruits of wheat, grown with so much care and love, are good only where quality is at home.