Traditional wines - Il Verro

Formicola - Caserta

The company produces about 20,000 bottles resulting from the processing of 3 native vines; Casavecchia, White Pallagrello, Black Pallagrello.
Of the 15 hectares owned, only 3 are planted with vines, preferring soils rich in lava and facing South South-East where there are significant temperature variations between day and night; secular olive, walnut and cherry trees surround the estate.
Il Verro has rediscovered and started a work to enhance the ancient Coda di Pecora vine cultivated in the past in the area of choice between Monte Maggiore and Roccamonfina, on which experiments have been underway for some years.
In 1872 the great scholar, Giuseppe Frojo, began to talk about the vine in a scientific sense and argued that the best grapes of the Campania region were Pallagrello.
Our goal is to enhance the viticultural heritage and the traditions linked to the territory to produce signature wines.

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