Gennargentu di Bruno Pitzalis

Semi-matured Canestrello Pecorino Cheese - 550 g

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Semi-matured pecorino canestrello

Half wheel weighing approximately 550 grams

It is a semi-mature cheese, tasty, straw-coloured and with a delicate flavour, in which you can feel all the flavor of fresh milk coming exclusively from its own farm.

The sheep are bred in the wild (free to graze on uncultivated land).

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk (wild breeding), rennet, salt. Preservative free

The cheese is made with ancient and artisanal techniques handed down from generation to generation, only milk coming exclusively from the herd is usedsheep in the wild (free to graze on uncultivated land), of the legendary Bruno, the shepherd of Sardinian origin who produces these exceptional cheeses.

STORAGE: The cheese stored in the fridge, in paper, it will continue to mature and it can be consumed even after many weeks, maintaining freshness and authenticity: try itking to believe.

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