Gennargentu di Bruno Pitzalis

Aged Pecorino Grand Reserve - 400 g

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Aged 30-month matured Pecorino, multiple award-winning made with raw milk.

Ingredients: milk, rennet, and a little salt (about 1.5%). Naturally lactose-free. Without stabilizers, preservatives, and surface treatments!

Cheese is made using ancient and artisanal techniques passed down from generation to generation, using only milk exclusively from the farmWild sheep(free-range on uncultivated land), from the legendary Bruno, the shepherd of Sardinian origins who produces these exceptional cheeses.

STORAGE: CheeseStored in the fridge, wrapped in paper, it will continue to mature andIt can be consumed even after many weeks, maintaining freshness and genuineness: tryHelloTo believe. 

Healthy and genuine nutrition!

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