Azienda agricola nero peligno

Fine raw ham and artisan cured meats - 350 gr

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Mix of artisan cured meats , genuine and healthy, from animals raised in the wild.

The box contains:

Prized raw ham sliced (about 100 gr)
A unique product, obtained from the leg of pork, this delicious type of ham is unmistakable in taste and appearance, thanks to the characteristic lard border in its lower part.
Seasoning: 24 months in natural environment and humidity.

Artisan capocollo sliced without added preservatives (about 100 gr)
The capocollo of black pig from Rieti has particular veins of fat that cross the "cut" of this product,bestowing to its lean part a fragranceparticularly tasty.
Seasoning: 100/120 days in natural environment and humidity.

Artisan diced bacon without added preservatives (about 150 gr)
Product with a long maturation and particular processing, it is served in slices or used in cubes.
Seasoning:120/130 days in natural environment and humidity.

Ingrediants: pork, salt, natural flavors, spices, pepper, without added preservatives.

STORAGE: The meats are vacuum packed and can be eateneven after many weeks, maintaining freshness and authenticity: trykingto believe.

NOTES: When ordering, you can specify any needs by filling in the"notes" field (eg capocollo sliced instead of sliced or bacon sliced instead of cubes. We cannot guarantee it but we will do our best to satisfy any requests).

The animals come from breeding in the wild and wild seeds and feed mainly on berries: acorns, chestnuts, mushrooms, tubers, etc.

The sausages are handcrafted without the use of added preservatives.

Eat healthy and genuine!

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